Actually, the etimolgy os the word ’goulash’ is, as follows:

’Gulya’ (pronounced as ’gooyah’) means: ’cattle’.

’Gulyás’ (pronounced as ’gooyaash’) means ’cowherd’, ’cowboy’.

The dish itself means a food that these guys could do in the steppes, the ’puszta’ (a Slavic word from ’pustoy’). However, on the tour you may learn about the fake character of this food that is known all over the world as THE MOST FAMOUS HUNGARIAN NATIONAL DISH.


No matter if it was eaten by the horsemen or not, IT IS DELICIOUS!

This is a tested recipe, try it!



1 kg of beef (e.g. the first leg, or first ham)

100-150 g bacon

3-4 large onions

4 pieces of garlic

1 tomato

1 green pepper (paprika) either sweet or hot

red ground paprika (if you bought it here at all)



caraway seed

300 g potatoes

2 carrots

2 turnips

1 root of green celery

1 dl red wine


Melt the bacon in a pan.

Put the chopped onion on top of the lard.

Salt it

Stir it in the lard

Steam it to glass-like (not brown!)

Add the chopped tomato and paprika

Stir it for a few minutes

Put the meat in

Stir it, until the red surface of the meat becomes greyish

Put some ground red pepper on

Black pepper, too

Some water, as well, that the meat should stay in the water

Salt it a bit

Add red wine

10-15 caraway seeds

Add garlic and the green celery

Cook it covered on a low fire, until the meat gets tender

Chop the carrots, turnips and potatoes and add to it

Add some water again, just to cover it

Taste it, and salt it again, if it is necessary

If it is needed, add some more water

Cook it tender together with the carrots and vegetables



Bon appetite!