Classic Budapest Tour

This is a tour that attempts to introduce you into the wide range of multicultural presence in today’s Budapest.

The Jewish Budapest

A walking Tour in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest, where Jews live in loose symbiosis with the Gypsy/Romani people today.

The Communist Budapest

We can still remember the years when our life was dominated by the Communist ideology that can even generate some kind of nostalgia today. We try to forget the hardships, lines for food, overemphasised military… continue reading The Communist Budapest

Art Nouveau And Eclecticism

We shall present you the miraculous Art Nouveau of Budapest.

Ottoman Turkish Budapest

Take a look at the memories of the Ottoman Turkish Empire in Budapest!

Roman Empire In Budapest

We shall take you back 2000 years in time, to Pannonia Province of the Roman Empire.

Fabulous Danube Bend

A day-long tour to the wonderful area called Danube Bend, just a few miles north of Budapest.