Enjoy the city telling stories, come with us!

Tours with local story tellers – witnesses of the past


All these are only the basic ideas and recommendations. However, our tours have no fixed itineraries, we shall tailor them to your desire and adjust it to your interest.

„This is not a typical tour of the sights of the city, but rather an in-depth and extremely candid exploration and conversation.

These tours are perfect (…) for small groups and those who are:

  • open and honest about the sorts of things they want (and don't want) to see and explore
  • curious enough to ask questions and interact with Zoltán (or one of his colleagues)
  • willing to sit and relax during the tour, have a coffee or beer
  • flexible in their itinerary; whatever Zoltán shows and tells you will be incredible

This is not a tour for those:

  • looking to see as many sights as possible
  • on a tight and strict schedule
  • who don't want to interact with your guide and have a two-way conversation"

(James, UK)

Since 2012!