Let’s explore together the memories of your ancestors of Hungarian origin!

There have been millions of people leaving abroad from Hungary during the centuries. You can meet people everywhere in this world, whose ancestors were born here. Are you one of them?

Hungarians, Germans, Slavs, Jews, Gypsies and who could enlist all nationals that decided to change their residence either for political or economic reasons.

Would you like to visit the village or the town, where your ancestors used to live? Are you curious about the houses, perhaps the one where they used to live in; are you curious about the church, the synagogue, the school, and the tombs in the cemeteries? You may even find relatives, as it has already happened in our tours.

People have already came to us with their old family letters and cards, photographs, documents, oral stories by grandpa or granny, and we explored the registry books at the churches or the synagogues, thus making remembrance vivid; sometimes happy, and sometimes sad.

If you have only a short time for the visit, why don’t you just send us copies of the available documents in time, and we shall try to assess data, and also prepare your visit to the spot, be it even the most remote settlement.

„… Zoltan had researched family history and made contacts for me that I would not have done on my own. He had gone above and beyond to meet my expectations and arranged a special tour of Dreher Brewery and Martonvásár, to our pre-war home. His humour, knowledge and organization was exceptional. We were immersed in the culture and thoroughly enjoyed our time.
I would highly recommend Rockhoppers and especially Zoltan to anyone wanting a superior tour.”


(descendant of the Dréher Dynasty, when visiting their former property, the Dréher Brewery and the Martonvásár Palace)

Reviewed 13 October 2015

„My husband and I were ending a Danube River cruise and extended our stay in Budapest so I could try to visit the villages where my grandparents were born.
Our neighbor recommended Rockhoppers after using them as a private guide for 3 days in Budapest last year.
Well, about a month before we left the States, I got in touch with Zoltan and we set up the date. It turned out that the little jaunt I expected would actually be a 3 hour car ride out to the western part of Hungary, and back. But, he was game for it, and so was I.”

„The best part of the day was that I met a woman to whom I’m related! We were checking out the cemeteries in the villages, hoping to find my great-grandparents’ graves (over 100 years old… it was a long shot). This lady visiting graves at one of the cemeteries heard me tell my husband that I found a family name. She came running over to me, chattering in Hungarian (I know 4 words). Zoltan stepped in and started to translate. Turns out, her great-grandmother and mine were sisters. We spent several hours with her as she took us around to visit the family homes. She told me a little about our connections, and Zoltan was there to sort things out and interpret for us.
Wonderful day.
We spent a total of 9+ hours with him. He was as charming at the end of the day, as he was at the beginning. And after 6+ house of driving for him. A total treat to tour with.
After arriving home, I received a phone call and email from my cousin and her daughter (who spoke a very little English). I contacted Zoltan and he graciously offered to call her back and make sure she knew I wanted to keep in touch. He also offered to translate emails for me. Great guy. But he’s Hungarian, so what would you expect?”


Reviewed 16 September 2016


(Selections quoted from email communication…)

„Good Morning from Canada!

Our father is Hungarian and was born in Tiszanana, Hungary on …., 1927. We would very much like to go to see the town where he was born. Unfortunately, he was an only child and now suffers from Alzheimer’s. Our information is limited and was hoping to see if there were any records at all left at the city hall. We are not feeling very optimistic but thought we should try. On another note, we do not speak any Hungarian so it would be wonderful to get some assistance during this pilgrimage to where Dad was born.

Through Trip Advisor we have read wonderful reviews and noted a couple of guides, Zoltan in particular. Would Zoltan be available to be our guide?

Anxious to connect.



„Dear C.,

Thank you for your message.

…Tiszanána it is a small village – I suppose – and the scene has probably changed a lot.

HOWEVER, why not to try it?…


Zoltan Nagy”

„Good morning Zoltan.

I am getting shivers while reading your findings and information so far.

Yes please, please proceed with the search. I spoke with both my brother (also named F. after my father and grandfather) and my sister M. They are very intrigued and we would very much like for you to assist us in trying to uncover our roots and heritage.


„… Thank you Zoltan for getting back to me so quickly. Today is my Birthday … so this feels like a birthday present!!!

Does this mean you will accompany us to Tiszanana? If so, how wonderful and we would sincerely appreciate your expertise. Our information is very limited and we have been trying to do some on line research on an ancestry site. My brother is bringing over some information now and I will provide you with more as it becomes available.

Grandfather: F. C. P. arrived in Canada when he was 29. Still determining his birth date. The ancestry documents also revealed that he traveled to Canada with a F. P. who was 40 years old at the time and it references an 18 year old daughter, he left back in Tiszanana.

Grandmother: E. M. (still determining birth date as well as when she arrived in Canada).

Father: F. C. P. (II) born …, 1927. He travelled with his mother Emma to Canada many years after my grandfather had arrived here.”

„Hello Zoltan!

It is the night before we leave. We are flying from Toronto-Heathrow-Berlin. We arrive in Berlin on Thursday until Monday. Monday we drive from Berlin to Poland (my mother’s birth place) Krakow specifically. We will be staying there until Thursday morning.

Whew, I am exhausted just thinking about it!!! But seriously we are all looking forward to it.

F., M. and myself would like to book the Tiszanana excursion with you on Saturday. We would like for you to drive since you will be much more familiar with the roads, etc.

If a 10am start is what works, we are happy with that. We are open to any suggestions you have for the day’s excursion (to and from).

Thank you and look forward to hearing back from you.


„Dear C.,


This is what I found so far. I am still trying to search for the old setting of the village, but I suppose that not much remained. I will try to get some info if there have been any buildings survived, or the cemetery or something, at all. We’ll see.


I hope you don’t mind that I am trying to find something for you, since it is a much greater challenge for me that just walking in the streets of Budapest and telling our customers about the history of te city. Actually, that is a great thing, as well, I love it, but your case is a special one.



(And after the tour…..)

„Dear Carolyn,

I just wanted to let you know that it took a while until I got the message and the data about the payment of the preservation of the tomb in Tiszanána. I have just paid it today, so it must be in order for 25 years now. Whenever your children would come, it will be there to visit.

I am attaching the receipt, so please, keep it, since I may getting older and loose it – as I usually do with several things. :o))

All the best,


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