We can still remember the years when our life was dominated by the Communist ideology that can even generate some kind of nostalgia today.

We try to forget the hardships, lines for food, overemphasised military presence, and Communist control over the whole life. However, the monuments, the party buildings, the bunkers are still here…

This tour shows you places that recall the Communist “Heaven”. Beside buildings and spots, you can learn about the time, atmosphere, and way of life though the eyes of a person that lived most of his life in that “very special” period. You will learn about the way we used to live – and also the way we are living now – telling the truth, a very similar way we used to do those years!

We can stop any time for a coffee or beer during the tour, or if you like, we can conclude the tour in a cosy restaurant with no tourists but local people. And talk….

We shall visit the Memento Park, where a lot of old Communist statues have been erected and they are spending their time in a “good company”.

We still remember these statues in their original place, and will explain you their stories that were sometimes funny, but sometimes tragic.

We shall take a car to the Park and then back to town, and continue with a light walk.

Leave the guidebook behind, join us and let us explore everything together.

The itinerary is always different; tours will be tailored to your personal needs.

Tri Tankista (Drei Panzersoldaten)
A. Orfjenow, I. Schmeljev