Take a photo walk with a pro photographer through the points of interest of Budapest.

Budapest is plenty of outstanding sights that you certainly know from post cards, or movie pictures. Now, if you want to keep them for your own records, we provide you with the proper technical and professional help. Whether you are a beginner, a hard-core enthusiast, or a pro photographer, we give the right support for you to take your amazing photos.

So as to achieve it, you definitely need to know WHERE to go with your camera and WHEN to shoot. And this is exactly what we can help you with.

If you are a beginner, first we’re going to take a mini workshop about photography basics. Be sure that you can take excellent photos with an unexpensive camera, too.

If you are a more experienced photo enthusiast, you’ll find with us the best spots that other tourists won’t.

And if you are a professional photographer, you will certainly appreciate the knowledge of a local team-mate.

In all cases, you’ll get an expert with local knowledge, technical advice and useful gears, and what’s even more important: an unforgettable experience of Budapest.

We offer two different walks: Classic Budapest photo tour and Hidden Gems of Budapest photo tour.

On Classic Budapest photo tour, you will have the opportunity to take a look at a number of main sites and best known points of interest in the city with a photographer’s eye.

Hidden Gems of Budapest photo tour is dedicated to adventurers. It gives you an insider view of the city full of ‘uh-huh’-s and ‘wow’-s all around.

You’ll meet less tourists and more locals. We go and see less frequented places of special interest, such as art nouveau buildings, rebuilt industrial zones, or locals’ favourite week-end leisure places.

These tours can be asked in English, French, or Hungarian. You can choose a daytime session, or a night tour with the city’s beautiful lights.