Take a look at the memories of the Ottoman Turkish Empire in Budapest!

A walking tour supplemented with public transport.

The Ottoman Turkish Tour in Hungary may sound strange. However, today’s Budapest and a great part of Hungary used to constitute part of the Ottoman Empire. Today’s Budapest was an Oriental city back in the 16th and 17th centuries. Mosques, Turkish baths, oriental shops, caravanserais, and several other elements of a Muslim city were present. Even Hungarian language contains approximately 600 Turkish words.

There are some elements visible even today from this fabulous Oriental world. You can take a look at the house from where coffee spread towards Europe, there is a small Turkish cemetery in town. Among other Turkish elements, the most impressive monuments of the period are the Turkish baths; four of them still work and you may enjoy the comfort of the 16th century Turkish luxury.

Turkish baths in Budapest can be even better than the ones in Turkey, since the ones in Turkey are in short of water, but most of the ones in Budapest were built on top of hot springs even with curative effect.

The tours are very flexible, you may wish to have a coffee, a beer or even lunch any time, we can have a rest and then continue.

We shall explore all memories of the Turkish Empire in Budapest, and if you wish, we can also organise visits to the ones in other towns.


Leave the guidebook behind, join us and let us explore everything together.

The itinerary is always different; tours will be tailored to your personal needs.

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