This is a tour that attempts to introduce you into the wide range of multicultural presence in today’s Budapest.

The city of Budapest has been a centre of various cultures for thousands of years. Romans, Turks, Hungarians, Germans, Slavs, Jews, Roma and several other peoples contributed to the present life of the city. “Hungarian’ today means the sum total of these countless cultures. It is a place of amazing architecture; birthplace of several Nobel Prize awarded fellows, the city of miraculous thermal baths; the place that offers you the famous Hungarian cuisine on one side and also beautiful and charming stories – and also a place with one of the highest cancer rate, the highest suicide rate, the highest rate of circulatory diseases and also the highest incidence of the diseases of the digestive system in Europe … In spite of all the negative elements during the more than 1000 years here in the Carpathian Basin, local people still can be happy, still can be active and inventive, and enjoy life here. We shall offer you the real Hungary, not only its face created for superficial observers, the good and bad sides together.

There are no two tours alike! Every tour will be tailored to the interest and desire of the participants, and every tour will include famous and well-known spots together with hidden gems that sometimes are not even known by the local people either.
You can expect frank and honest opinion of locals, you can expect being taken to areas, where tourists do not appear, but locals, who live here and use these places as scenerry of their own life.

There can be several places to stop for a coffee, a beer or delicious food. We recommend only places that we consider excellent, which do not concentrate on tourists that come in only once, but places, which work for local people. Therefore, they have to be attractive for returning guests. That is the guarantee of the quality.

Your guide will be your friend, a member of your group, and if you let us know about it in time, you may have a chance to get the tour in your own language.

The light walking tour supplemented with public transport ride from time to time.

Leave the guidebook behind, join us and let us explore everything together.
The itinerary is always different; tours will be tailored to your personal needs.

Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dance No.1.
Békés County Symphonic Orchestra & Dániel Somogyi-Tóth