Take a look at the countryside of Hungary inside of the Skanzen in Szentendre town!

Szentendre town and the open-air Skanzen with the Rockhoppers.

If you do not have months to visit Hungary’s countryside, although you have the desire to learn about it, come with us, and we shall take you to a miraculous place near Szentendre town. The Skanzen at Szentendre was founded in 1967 in order to present the architecture, crafts and village life of Hungary. You may explore architecture of Hungary in the 18-19th centuries. While walking in the fresh mountain air, you may visit various characteristic regions of the country with their charming houses. In some of them you may try a bakery, a village “supermarket”, a vinery, and a lot other shops.

There is a wide-gauge train transporting visitors from region to region. Before the train was transported to this open-air museum, some of our guides had the opportunity to use this very train in the countryside … When we were young…

If you are curious how local people here created their houses, roofs, fences, how their courtyards used to look like, or just wish to stroll in a countryside environment, join us, and we shall take you there.

After the countryside we shall visit a fabulous Baroque town, Szentendre with its narrow alleys, multicultural setting with its churches and you may also buy your “must-do” souvenirs.

A great place to try local kitchen? Just let us know!

Leave the guidebook behind, join us and let us explore everything together.

The itinerary is always different; tours will be tailored to your personal needs.

(The Skanzen is open from 1st April until 5th November, 9:00-17:00, and closed during the winter)

Béla Bartók: Magyar Képek, BB 103: No.1. An Evening In The Village. (Hungarian Sketches)
Budapest Symphonic Orchestra & Miklós Erdélyi