Let’s go to Vienna, Austria together!

approx. 11 – 12 hours

Did you know that most parts of Vienna and Budapest were built almost at the same time in the 19th century and hence reflect lots of interesting similarities?

And why was Emperor Franz Joseph unsatisfied with the building of the Opera House? Why did singers hate the new director of the Opera, director-musician Gustav Mahler?

Did you know that major works of musicians like Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven were strictly linked to Vienna? And that the new operetta was born also here at the end of the 19th century, driven mainly by Hungarians?

And what was the funeral ceremony of Habsburg imperators like throughout many centuries? And what happened with the last heir of the Habsburg’s family?

Did you know that the “kapuziner” of Vienna and also mélange, the famous coffees of the city are considered as of the top-world brand? And what about coffee shops and pastry shops of Vienna?

The above and many more interesting facts and events of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire are discussed during this trip. Recent capital city of Austria and the old court centre of Habsburg emperors were built mostly in the Neo-Baroque style. This grandiose architecture gives a well observed character for the city even nowadays. The quick round tour by car is followed by a long walk throughout the ancient city centre where all major sightseeing places and buildings are covered: the Palace of the former emperors known as Hofburg, the major gothic church called Stephan Dom, the High Street called Graben, the Parliament building, the City Hall, the main Museum building known as Kunsthistorisches Museum, etc.

And the famous coffee shops – and obviously, there should be time for rest.

All of the above include into this trip in a guaranteed good atmosphere with an eye of a Budapest guide that adds a special flavour to the tour.

Leave the guidebook behind, join us and let us explore everything together.

The itinerary is always different; tours will be tailored to your personal needs.

Johann Strauss,Sr: „Radetzky March”.
The Philadelphia Orchestra & Eugene Ormandy